Bev breaks down whereas chatting with Mai Titi about her husband’s infidelity

June 15, 2021

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By Stephen Tsamba

Adult entertainment dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda broke tears this week over her husband Mufudzi Chambuka’s infidelity.

Bev was interviewed on Facebook by celebrity Mai Titi.

Last week, Bev posted pictures of her husband living in the UK with another woman and screenshots of WhatsApp chats he had with the same woman, identified only as Pearl.

According to Bev, who lives in Harare, she no longer pays her monthly rents and other outstanding bills because Chambuka supports her financially.

Bev said her husband also forced her to stop performing in bars, nightclubs and other private events as it was work for sex workers. Chambuka has also moved her to new accommodation, where he initially paid her monthly rent, but does not meet his wife’s financial obligations.

In unprintable words, Bev said Mai Titi Mufudzi treated her badly for not working and when he appeared on her raunchy shows he would call her every night to see who was with her.

An emotional Bev later broke down crying when she showed Mai Titi an image gallery full of screenshots of chats and photos of women she claimed was dating Chambuka.

She also showed Mai Titi her husband’s private parts before scolding him for not doing well in bed.

Chambuka has not yet commented on the allegations.

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