Big drama! Vanraj sees historical past repeating itself after Toshu’s infidelity

MUMBAI : Anupamaa is currently ruling our TV screens. The show is doing extremely well, topping the BARC ratings every week. The drama will intensify on one of your favorite shows.

From Rupali Ganguly to Nidhi Shah, the star cast has left no stone unturned to make the characters believable and accessible to viewers of all ages.

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The family is going through a tough time as they don’t want to lose Pari and Kinjal at any cost.

Vanraj will be seen fearing the fact that history will repeat itself once more in the Shah house as the Lakshmi of the house is enraged.

Vanraj will regret that his mistakes have resurfaced through his son and he is powerless to do anything about it.

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Anupamaa will sympathize with Vanraj and his feelings, but warn him not to pressure Kinjal to forgive Paritosh.

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