Biniyam is named by viewers for attainable infidelity

Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Weinberg look bad in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. But did Biniyam really cheat on Ariela while she was away?

The relationship between Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre is in a bad place 90 days fiancé: the other way Season 3, and many viewers are considering the possibility that Biniyam cheated on Ariela. Biniyam has a history of infidelity when things ended up with his Ethiopian girlfriend, Tsion Doneeh, for likely cheating on him. 90-day fiancé viewers also think that Biniyam’s wandering eye may have been the reason his first marriage ended, while his seedy behavior is now jeopardizing his relationship with Ariela.

Ariela found herself portrayed as a villain early in the season after inviting her ex-husband Leandro Fosque to stay with her and Biniyam. However, viewers have now turned their criticism on Biniyam. Ariela took the couple’s son, Aviel, to the United States for surgery, and Biniyam’s actions have since shocked viewers. Biniyam turned off his cell phone for an extended period of time so that Ariela could not reach her partner while she dealt with Avis’ operation and the pandemic. Meanwhile, Ariela was upset to find that Biniyam was out with his friends and even had a party at the couple’s house after they left. Biniyam’s actions may have ended his romantic relationship with Ariela for good.


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Reddit user DioriteDragon called Biniyam in a post titled “Can We Drop the BS and Bini Probably Cheated?” The user named Biniyam’s previous allegations of infidelity as a major cause for concern, especially since he now invites many women to parties with the phone switched off. Other commentators agreed that Biniyam’s behavior is highly suspect. “If he turned off his phone / didn’t answer the phone while Ari and Avi were abroad, think so,” noted one top commenter. Viewers also didn’t buy Biniyam’s excuse that he had women with him to use his home recording studio.

Biniyam and Ariela: 90 days fiancé

Some viewers were furious with Biniyam’s behavior for fear of losing Avi the first time Ariela went to his surgery with her son, but he now appears to be checked out. “Even if Ari is annoying AF, which she totally is, you leave your cell phone on for your son. Do you remember the one you cried at the thought of being apart? an angry commentator beat him up. “Men who want the families who started them to keep their phones on. Especially if the child is being operated on abroad. He definitely cheated, ”explained another commenter.

Many viewers of The Other Way do not believe that Biniyam’s words match his actions. The native Ethiopian was devastated when his first wife never returned from the United States, where she still lives with his son. However, viewers are now starting to wonder if he gave his first wife a good reason to stay away. Biniyam’s actions since Ariela left with Avi do not encourage her to return to him. Many viewers are disappointed that Biniyam risks losing a child again due to his immature behavior. Fortunately, Ariela is a devoted mother and has no plans to withhold Avi from his father in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. However, that doesn’t mean that Ariela wants to stick with Biniyam if he’s really cheated.

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Source: DioriteDragon / Reddit

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