Brandi Redmond tears up the person’s infidelity throughout the ‘RHOD’ reunion

At the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion last night, cast member Brandi Redmond broke her silence over her husband’s infidelity. The fraud scandal first erupted in March when footage was circulating of Bryan Redmond kissing another woman in a club, reports Entertainment Tonight. At the time, the Redmond family asked for privacy, but Brandi is finally ready to open up.

“I’m disappointed,” Brandi told RHOD host Andy Cohen. “I know when that happened – it was in Las Vegas during a double bachelorette party for my sister and brother-in-law.” Before Brandi broke down and started crying, he added, “It was 2018. But yeah, extremely disappointed.”

Brandi added that she and her husband are in a better place now, especially after looking at the challenges of the past year. “I’ll tell you this was the craziest year and my darkest hour,” she said. “This man was there for me and is there for me, so I feel like I’d really be a piece of shit if I wasn’t there for him because he is hurting too right now.”

The RHOD star and her husband have four children together – Brooklyn, 12, Brinkley, 9, and Brilynn (3 months) and Bruin (3). Brandi explained that the first time she saw Bryan’s clip with another woman, she was thinking of them kids. “I want to protect my children. I hate that a fan posted this video on my daughter’s private Instagram and she saw it, ”she said. “Because I can be so angry and so, that’s her father. And I just feel like it’s just not okay. “

During the emotional conversation, Brandi had the support of her RHOD co-stars. Kary Brittingham said to her, “Brandi, you know we’re here for you. We love you, ”as Brandi’s close friend Stephanie Hollman shared her disappointment with Bryan and her love for Brandi. “I haven’t spoken to Bryan about it, but I’m mad at him,” said Stephanie. “This girl is literally family to me and I love her so much.”

Although Brandi doesn’t know who shared Bryan’s video, she suspects it was from someone trying to hurt her. “I think this video was posted there. I think someone did it on purpose to hurt me again and they succeeded, ”she said. Although Brandi pinned former RHOD actor LeeAnn Locken as a suspect, Locken denied any involvement in a tweet sent out last week.

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