Buzz: Celeb Lady Bagging Rs 250 Cr for Alimony?

Marriages are made in heaven, but divorces are made in court.

It is well known that divorce is not only a social and emotional issue, it is also a big financial matter. Even the cost of a big fat wedding looks like a dwarf next to the cost of divorce.

Brides generally feel guilty about dowries, but when the marriage fails, the maintenance makes the grooms sad.

We are talking about a celebrity woman in Hyderabad who will receive more than a few hundred million rupees as alimony from her celebrity husband.

The inside sources say the papers have already been signed and the announcement will be officially released on September 7th.

The judicial divorce happens out of mutual disinterest in the continuation of the relationship. The compatibility problems after the marriage make this pair of lovers separate now.

The lady in question will pocket her 50% share of her husband’s present and future wealth. The valuation of this 50% share is currently between Rs 200 Cr – Rs 250 Cr.

Well, if this man remarries and this marriage fails too, he will have to pay the second wife half of his fortune again.

Eventually, after several consecutive marriages and successful divorces, he can become destitute. So, since nothing is predictable, it is always advisable for a rich man to live a bachelor’s life.

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