Cabal man drowns himself in Lake Bunyonyi due to his spouse’s infidelity

The body of a 61-year-old tailor in Kabale town was found on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi in Kakoko, Kitumba subdistrict, on Sunday evening.

Vanansio Zirihoona’s body was found two days after his disappearance after an argument with his wife, whom he accused of promiscuity.

The deceased was a renowned tailor who worked near the MTN offices on Cabal Main Street.

Joseph Sunday, a brother of the deceased, says a dispute between Zirihoona and his family members, including his wife Innocent Tumuheirwe and his eldest son, who is also the youth council of the Mwendo parish, identified as Isaac Lucky alias Chicharito, around 11 p.m. on Friday evening .

Family members argued over the last-born 10-year-old, whom the husband believed was conceived by another man.

The previous week, on Sunday, the child was taken for a DNA test and Zirihoona returned angrily and protested that the doctors had not taken any test samples from him for examination to determine the child’s real father.

Sunday says Zirihoona even tried to burn Tumuheirwe and Lucky with kerosene from the house during the fight on Friday night, but they overpowered him and put out the fire.

Zirihoona then disappeared until Sunday evening when his body was found floating on the lake.

However, some of the locals suspected that Zirihoona was killed by family members and thrown into the lake because part of his pants were torn and his leg was injured.

A police officer at the scene told this reporter that Tumuheirwe and Lucky had been arrested and detained at the Kabale Central Police Station to help with the investigation.

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