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The ZCC pastor fined 20,000 pesetas for adultery

How much money can mend a broken heart?

For the 46-year-old Kaboyaone Senwedi, 20,000 pesetas should be enough.

That’s how much Matshelagabedi Customary Court ordered ZCC Pastor Phillimon Mabise to pay for the destruction of Senwedi’s marriage.

Despite looking for P130,000 to dry his tears, the Thamaga native assured The Voice that he was pleased with the crowd.

“Justice has finally been served,” he explained simply.

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After Kaboyaone and Chike Pricillah Senwedi dated 15 years before tying the knot in 2017, the marriage broke down in less than two years.

Senwedi’s worst fears were confirmed last August. After receiving a tip from the villagers, he drove 700 km through the night from his place of work in Jwaneng and arrived in Matshelagabedi the next morning to catch his wife in the pastor’s bedroom.

Carry on: Chike


His suspicions were originally aroused in December 2019 when Chike was leaving with Mabise for a nightly prayer hour.

“She came back the next morning and when I tried to touch her, she jumped off the bed and sat on the floor. I realized something was wrong. She then told me that her ZCC pastors had told her that I was cheating on her and that I had a friend I wanted to marry, ”said Senwedi, dismissing such conversations as nonsense.

In her testimony in court last Friday, 41-year-old Chike did not deny her infidelity. Instead, she accused her future ex-husband of neglecting his family, including their four children (two of whom are biologically Senwedis).

She insisted that this neglect drove her into another man’s arms.

“I’m like a widow because I last saw this man last year. I reported the matter to the district commissioner and was directed to seek legal aid from Legal Aid Botswana because

“I wanted to divorce him, but couldn’t afford a lawyer. You are processing my divorce case and it is still pending in court. Monna yo o mpatlile ka mmolella gore ga ke na monna (this man asked me and I told him I was single) ”, said a defiant Chike who had to explain to Kgosi Oganne Polson that she had no divorce certificate yet Court pending.

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Despite her passionate speech, Chief Polson decided that Chike was in conflict and her evidence was “not convincing enough”.

He then fined Mabise 20,000 pesetas for marital destruction, which had to be paid within three months.

Despite being out of pocket, the ZCC pastor has at least one wife to comfort him since he now lives with Chike.

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