Cathay’s husband Michael Brickal, 42, reported lacking

The police are asking for help in finding the missing person, Michael Brickal.

Michael, 42, is missing from his Cathays apartment and was last seen on Saturday (September 11th).

Known for visiting Riverside and the city center, he is described as six feet tall and stocky, with brown eyes and short hair.

Anyone who has information about Michael’s whereabouts or believes they have seen him can contact the South Wales Police via the following link: us / contact-us / add-more-information-to-a-crime-report /

According to the UK charity, Missing People, someone is reported missing every 90 seconds for a total of 170,000 people.

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Of these, almost 98,000 are adults and more than 70,000 are children.

The charity also states that 75 percent of adults are found within the first 24 hours of being reported missing and 85 percent are found within two days, while five percent are not found within the first week.

For children it is 80 percent, 90 percent and two percent.

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