Cecilia Cheung reportedly receives 47 million RM a 12 months in little one help from ex-Nicolas Tse

Hong Kong media recently reported that Cecilia Cheung allegedly receives HK$80 million (RM47 million) a year in spousal support from her ex-husband Nicholas Tse. That’s about RM3.9 million per month.

Tse and Cheung were married for six years from 2006 to 2012 and have two sons together – Lucas and Quintus. Cheung has a third child, Marcus, but has kept his father’s identity a secret

With so much money, you’d think Cheung would take it easy and live the leisurely life. But not this 42-year-old.

After appearing in the recent variety show Sisters Who Make Waves 2, Cheung’s popularity in China skyrocketed. And she uses this opportunity to make even more money.

In Cheung’s first live stream sale recently, she managed to sell 100 million yuan (RM65 million) worth of products in one sitting, making her the first female celebrity to hit such numbers in China in 2022.

Netizens calculated that Cheung earned 20 million yuan (RM13 million) in commission from her live stream. That’s a tidy sum for a few hours of work.

15-year-old Lucas said in an interview that his mother worked hard so that he and his brothers would be well taken care of in the future.

“Mom saves all the money dad gives us. She’s hoping to leave the alimony untouched so we can use it when we grow up,” Lucas said.

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