Chahat Khanna embarrassed Urfi Javed! So the actress stated, “Like you are not residing on the alimony of two ex-husbands.”

urfi jave And Chahat Khanna clashed over fashion sense and personal life. The two looked for each other. It all started with Chahat ridiculing Urfi’s fashion sense. Chahat poked fun at her fashion sense by sharing a photo collage of Urfi in a neon green outfit on a recent outing. But rather than remain silent, Urfi responded to Chahat’s allegations by calling him “Hipocrat”.

Chahat Khanna shared photos of Urfi Javed on Instagram Stories and wrote: “Who wears this? And on the street? I mean everyone will strip down and the media will make them famous? Indian media is- you are so weak? It’s easy to buy this advertising and this cheap media, this cheap show that you are promoting for our generation.

Chahat Khanna made this comment

Chahat Khanna continued, “Everyone will pay for scouting and do anything or even strip and you carry on? It’s very sad!! God grant you some wisdom.” Responding to Chahat’s reaction, Urfi wrote, “At least I’m not buying followers! Even if you do your homework, I was there for an interview.”

Message from Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed searched Chahat.

Urfi Javed continued: “I was prepared for an interview that makes no sense to you. They’re just jealous that they don’t cover you even after you pay the money. Chahat Khanna Whatever happens on this earth is not your purpose. Why didn’t you upload this story for Ranveer Singh? Show your hypocrisy. Look, I didn’t judge you for your two divorces, your dating younger men, so why are you judging me?”

Urfi post

Urfi Javed gave this answer.

Urfi Javed also shared a photo of Chahat with his back bare on his Insta story. Sharing this photo, he wrote, “So are you allowed to post photos like this on social media for the whole world to see? There are no real people on social media, are there? You are jealous of my love and also a tyrant.”

Urfi Javed continued: “I feel sorry for your daughter. What kind of mother does he have? At least I’m making a living without managing my 2 ex-husbands’ alimony like you do. Chahat Khanna I’m not judging you for how you live your life. What do these aunts have against me? lol.”

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