Charged with harassment, grocer detained utilizing GPS monitoring

NAGPUR police on Saturday targeted and arrested a grocery supplier using the GPS location of his cell phone for allegedly molesting a woman last week.

The incident occurred on May 22, when the defendant, identified as 27-year-old Suraj Malode, stopped the woman on the pretext of asking for directions from somewhere in the city, police said.

After the woman filed a complaint, the police contacted the grocery delivery center in Bengaluru and asked to cooperate with the investigation.

The company provided the police with details of all their deliverers in Nagpur, as well as the records of their GPS-tracked movements.

“We asked corporate headquarters for help and arrested Suraj Malode based on his GPS location at the time of the incident. He confessed to the crime, “said a police press release.

Malode has been charged under various sections of India’s Criminal Code (IPC), including those relating to harassment and stalking.

“We will take him to the court tomorrow (Sunday) to apply for his pre-trial detention,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Neelotpal, who led the investigation into the case.

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