Chatham County Police are in search of a toddler, suspect in custody

CHATHAM COUNTY, Georgia (WTOC) – Chatham County Police are looking for a child and suspect in meddling in the custody process.

Police say Rayden Bradley Baillie, 4, was last seen on Sunday October 24th. It is not currently believed to be in any imminent danger.

The child is said to be with Michelle and Anthony “Tony” Weber from Wilmington Island. The Webers are known to drive a 2017 silver Nissan Murano with a “4 Ocean” sticker on the rear window and a Tinker Bell sticker on the right rear passenger window, as well as a 2019 white Dodge Ram Crew Cab with “AT&T” in blue Writing on the side of the truck.

You could also drive a 1998 Ford Ranger with an “Alabama Roll Tide” license plate on the front.

Anyone with information on this case should call the police immediately.

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