ChinaMotto 4G Waterproof Children GPS Monitoring Watch with GPS + LBS + WIFI Positioning on International Sources

★ GPS + WIFI + AGPS + LBS location
Built-in global positioning system with three modes so you can keep track of your kids’ location at all times.

★ 4G video calls and voice chats
After inserting the 4G Nano SIM card, children can receive and forward calls directly on the watch. You can add 15 phone numbers in the app and then sync them with the watch. The watch can not only make phone calls, but also make voice calls between the watch and the app. You can talk to your child anytime, anywhere.

★ One Key SOS for help
The child could long press the SOS button for help if they are in danger. By the way, parents can set three SOS numbers on APP.

★ remote monitoring
Through the APP, parents can monitor the child’s location in real time, monitor the child’s calls, and shut down remotely.

★ Safe area
Parents can adjust the safety area in the APP. If the child is outside the safety zone, the app will immediately receive a reminder.

★ Built-in HD camera
Parents can control the camera remotely via the app or the child can use it directly on the watch. (The watch can only save one picture. If you save the new one, the old picture is automatically replaced.)

★ History tracking
The watch can track the movement route within 90 days. Parents have an idea of ​​their child’s trajectory for almost a month and no longer have to worry about children not coming home or wandering around after school.

★ IP67 waterproof
This intelligent children’s watch with protection class IP67 waterproof supports swimming, bathing, pool (not in hot water, hot bath or sauna; do not press the button underwater). It’s the best way to enjoy with the water feature. Suits for 4-12 year olds.

★ Anti-lost
After you have registered your smartwatch in the phone, the APP is online. When someone takes the watch off your kid’s wrist, your phone will remind you.

★ Via app
APP name is SeTracker. APP language support for up to 32 languages ​​such as English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, etc. The servers cover the whole world including Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices

★ Turn off the clock before inserting the SIM card.
★ Install the SeTracker app. Then scan the QR code behind the watch to register an account and register your server and language.

Package list:
Observe x 1
USB cable x 1
User Guide x 1
Tweezers x 1
Screwdriver x 1

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