Choo Ja-hyun’s husband Yu Xiaoguang denies infidelity rumors when scandalous video emerges

Choo Ja-hyun’s husband, Yu Xiaoguang, recently came under fire after leaked footage showed him allowing a woman he described as a close friend to sit on his lap. While the Korean actress admitted that the video embarrassed her, her Chinese husband apologized and assured everyone that he was never unfaithful.

“I am so sorry for any anger or frustration this caused you. After watching the video, I thought about it deeply and regret my actions. Most of all I have disappointed my wife, who deserves nothing but love. I will be more careful with what I say and do and make sure it never happens again, ”Yu wrote on his Weibo account.

Earlier this week, Choo Ja-hyun thanked her fans for their support, confessed that she was “embarrassed” and said that her husband should take responsibility for the situation.

“Although I know the people in the video personally, my husband’s behavior was inappropriate. Even if it was a mistake, he should take full responsibility for his actions and their results, “she wrote in a post translated from Korean.

She also mentioned that she had spoken to her husband and that he was aware of his wrongdoings.

She thanked her fans and asked them to show a little friendliness towards her husband while at the same time assuring them that they were a “mature” couple. She said, “I also want to thank those who sympathized with me. I was touched by your support. I ask for your kindness and understanding for the sake of my husband and we promise to show you as a married couple a more mature side. ”

After a Chinese newspaper published an article about Yu Xiaoguang’s video footage, rumors spread that the man was unfaithful to his actress.

The couple’s management company, BH Entertainment, quickly dashed the myth, claiming that the woman in the video is a longtime friend of the couple. Unconvinced Korean and Chinese Internet users, however, continued to criticize and insult him for the alleged affair.

The couple met on the set of a Chinese drama in 2012 and got married in January 2017. The pair starred on SBS’s popular reality TV show “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”, which by Gut Both Korean and Chinese audiences were recorded.

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