Choose: Mom should lose Accomplice flagstone in case of custody

ALBANY, NY – A New York court has ordered a woman to dispose of a stone painted like a Confederate flag in her driveway by June 1. Union.

Appeal judges for the New York Supreme Court ruled last week that the couple could retain joint custody of the child, but the stone had to go, according to NBC New York.

The Times-Union reports that the child’s mother testified during a hearing that “she had painted a stone with a Confederate flag on it in her home.”

The newspaper went on to say that the child’s mother testified that she had never or ever used racist slurs in front of the child.

“Given that the child is a mixed race, it seems obvious that the presence of the flag is not in the best interests of the child as the mother must encourage and teach the child to adopt his mixed race identity rather than being into a world to bump into, which only makes sense through the tortured lens of cognitive dissonance, ”said the court’s decision, which the Times Union reported for the first time.

NBC New York reports that the appeals court found that the flag was not hoisted on behalf of the child by either family court or an attorney. However, the judges still said it should be removed or that it could “feed” into any future best interest analysis. ”

NBC 4 says the mother didn’t have a lawyer to represent her. The TV station also reported that the mother was renting the house and it was not clear if the stone was hers at all.

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