CIC asks the officer to offer the spouse the husband’s revenue particulars for the alimony association

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jamnagar: The Central Information Commission (CIC) on Thursday ordered Center Public Information Officers (CPIO) to give the wife “general information on the husband’s taxable net/gross income” within fifteen days, in a move that could create a new one Precedent in matrimonial matters where one partner seeks maintenance. The couple hails from Jamnagar in Gujarat, TOI reported.

The complainant turned to the CIC as the situation concerns the Income Tax Department.

In relation to the disclosure of general information, the CIC has issued instructions to the CPIO, Office of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Jamnagar.

Saron Punhani, the Information Officer, has determined that the complainant does not need to be given access to details or copies of income tax returns or other personal information of third parties.

However, when the wife’s maintenance is at stake in a legal dispute, information about the husband’s income is no longer limited to the category of personal data that concerns both the husband and wife.

Following that appeal, the CIC policy led officials to say that the wife must receive “general information on the husband’s net taxable income/gross income” within fifteen days.

Last year, in a similar case, the CIC stated that the husband was not authorized to obtain his wife’s bank and ITR details.

Alimony payments are a sensitive issue for both genders in society due to reasons related to harassment socially for women and legally for men due to some fake cases.

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