Clarification of custody circumstances in 6 months: Excessive Courtroom

The Supreme Court on Sunday ordered family courts to resolve child custody cases in six months.

The Justice Minister and the Chancellor of the Supreme Court have been asked to forward the directive to the family courts concerned.

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A bank of Judges M. Enayetur Rahim and Judge Md Mostafizur Rahman issued the order after a mother in Rangpur wrote to her ex-husband to request custody of her child.

The bank also ordered the Dhaka Family Court to complete legal proceedings by March 31, 2022 in the case the applicant filed with a pleading.

At the same time, the Supreme Court said the mother could go to Rajshahi to see the child and spend time with him, for which the concerned police commissioner was asked for assistance.

After ruling on custody, the court said it was sad and frustrating that the child custody case filed in a family court was still not resolved 2-3 years after it was filed.

Lawyer Motahar Hossain Sazu appeared for the mother, while lawyers Fawzia Karim Firoz and Kazi Maruful Alam appeared for the child’s father.

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According to the case, the applicant, a Rangpur woman, married a Rajshahi man in 2011 and had a daughter in 2015. However, they divorced in 2018 and the child has lived with the father ever since.

The mother filed a lawsuit with the Dhaka Family Court, seeking custody of the child. Since the family court was unable to settle the case, she submitted a written application to the HC.

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