Comic Nedu says the ex-wife’s alleged infidelity was uncovered by way of a DNA take a look at

Comedian and talk show host Chinedu Ani, aka Nedu, has responded to allegations made by his ex-wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri, of domestic violence.

In a post on Instagram on Saturday, Nedu said he never attacked his ex-wife during their marriage, adding that she was unfaithful during the relationship and brought home an illegitimate child.

“Our marriage was plagued by many problems. One of these was the constant infidelity on their part, which led me to conduct a paternity test on our children which led to the conclusion that our first son is not my biological son, even though he was born at the time of our marriage.
Nedu’s DNA result posted on his Instagram handle

“Regarding domestic violence allegations, we had the matter investigated twice, once by the Ajah Police Station and once by a competent court during the dissolution of our marriage.

“I have been acquitted of all charges on both occasions, and I have the evidence necessary to support my claim. If anyone should make claims of domestic violence, it is me. ”

Nedu said it was heartbreaking that he had to make the statement; but that he had to do so because of his ex-wife’s allegations.

He appealed to them to abandon sleeping dogs for the sake of their children.

“If she has any problems joining me, she is free to file her complaints and go to any competent court for justice,” the comedian said.

A DNA test result published by Nedu found on June 24, 2019 by a Dr. Harvey Tenenbaum, President of Viaguard Accu-metrics, Ontario, Canada, stated that the possibility that Nedu is the father of the child in question is zero percent.

The previous Friday, Nedu’s ex-wife Uzoamaka had accused him of domestic violence and wondered why he was still allowed to host a radio show on marriage.

She accused him of having surgery on her a few days after giving birth to a baby.

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