Congressman Bharatsinh Solanki, accused of infidelity by his spouse, returns to politics

Senior Gujarat Congress leader and former Union Minister Bharatsinh Solanki returned to country politics on Friday after a brief hiatus. The congress leader had announced that he would be taking a hiatus from active politics for a few months amid a troubled marriage and after a video went viral. His wife accused him of infidelity.

Two months ago, the Congress leader was caught in the act by his wife Reshma Patel spending time with another woman at his bungalow in Anand, Gujarat. A video of the incident also surfaced and it went viral, prompting him to take a break. His wife had accused him of resorting to domestic violence and having an extramarital affair.

In an exclusive interview with India Today TV/AajTak, Bharatsinh spoke about the future and strategy of the Congress and expressed his views on Rewadi culture.

“There is nothing better than a break in politics. Politics doesn’t stop and goes on. Today it’s me. Someday it will be someone else. The current situation in our country is very bad. There are so many problems with unemployment and crime and hate politics,” the congress leader told India Today.

Solanki had said he filed for divorce, alleging his estranged wife, whom he married in 1999, was interested in his property and posed a threat to his life.

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Two-time Gujarat Congress President Bharatsingh Solanki slammed the BJP, saying: “BJP is the most corrupt party. The BJP is only here to divide people like Brits. Congress has done a lot of work for the people of our country. The BJP cannot even count the work done by Congress. The BJP is a commission-based party. They even set their commission for the bridge construction.”

“Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is an anti-Gandhi and anti-Sardar party. The party here is only there to gain power and nothing else. AAP may have governments in Delhi and Punjab, but the people of Gujarat will not fall victim to their false promises,” he said, slamming the AAP government.

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When asked about Rewadi culture, Bharatsinh said: “The Supreme Court hearing will also deal with debt relief for businessmen. Justices of the Supreme Court are also appointed by elected officials. All countries in the world have provided public welfare systems.”

Ahead of the Gujarat elections, the leader exuded confidence in winning 125 seats and storming into power in the state.

“We are very confident that at least the next general elections will be held in Gujarat. We’re confident of winning 125 seats and it could be more. The only option for the people of Gujarat in elections is Congress,” he said.

Bharatsinh is a very powerful politician in Gujarat and has a very good electoral base from the OBC, which is a good vote bank for the Congress party. He had served as minister when the UPA was in power in the centre.

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