Costly divorce: Royal receives $ 734 million in alimony from ex-husband

London: Marriage is a lifelong commitment. No couple wants their marriage to fall apart until they divorce. An unbreakable impasse through incompatibility, separation followed by the psychological stress of a couple during the divorce proceedings, cannot be explained in words.

Still, an expensive divorce notice is making the rounds on social media and no one can stop chatting about it.

The ruler of Dubai, touted as the most expensive divorce treaty in the history of Great Britain, has to pay his ex-wife and children $ 734 million as alimony.

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The court has sentenced Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to pay 251.5 million pounds ( rupees in Indian currency) to his sixth wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein and their children with her ex-husband Al Jalila (14) to pay. and Zayed, 9, on a bank guarantee of £ 290 (Rs,000 in Indian currency).

The bank guarantee also includes the payment of £ 11 million per year as security costs for Princess Haya and the children while they are minors.

The court also ordered the family seeking refuge in Britain to be given “strong security”, particularly from the Sheikh.

Prince Haya, 47, fled to the UK with her children in 2019 and has since sought custody of her children in UK courts.

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“I was horrified to learn that my ex-husband had ordered my children to be forcibly returned to the Gulf emirate,” said Prince Haya as he recounted the ordeal she went through during their married life.

Princess Haya is an avid rider who even took part in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. She is the daughter of the late Jordanian King Hussein.

The divorce settlement also includes a vacation budget of £ 5.1 million, an annual sum of £ 450,000 for the child staff and around £ 275,000 for their pets, including two ponies and a horse.

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