Couple commits suicide for infidelity


A Mutoko COUPLE committed suicide after a misunderstanding about infidelity.

Peter Mahwamba, 50, from the village of Mukumbura under Chief Chimoyo hanged himself in his bedroom after villagers discovered the body of his wife Nyasha Chinake, 44, who was hanging on a tree near their homestead after an argument over an extramarital affair.

Mashonaland East Provincial Police Spokesman, Inspector Simon Chazovachii, confirmed the incident.

“I certify that a couple in Mutoko committed suicide after a marriage dispute. As the police, we urge people to use a third party to resolve disputes in order to avoid such unfortunate incidents, ”said Chazovachii.

It is alleged that Chinake was at her husband’s home around 4 p.m. on August 15 when Mahwamba accused her of having an extramarital affair with his cousin.

A misunderstanding is said to have arisen that prompted Chinake to storm out of the house. She disappeared for hours.

Mahwamba asked neighbors to help look for her before she was found hanging from a tree in the bush near her homestead.

When Mahwamba heard of his wife’s death, he hanged himself in his bedroom. His body was later discovered by other villagers.

The autopsy was canceled by the Mutoko magistrate Elijah Sibanda.

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