Court orders Mohammed Shami to pay month-to-month alimony to estranged spouse Hasin Jahan

Indian international cricketer Mohammed Shami Ahmed was shocked when a Kolkata court ordered him to pay his wife Hasin Jahan a monthly alimony of Rs 50,000. Let’s add that four years ago, Jahan accused the Indian fast bowler of domestic violence and match-fixing. Also, she was not satisfied with the amount of money she received from Shami for alimony and had demanded around 10 lakhs every month. For this reason, the case lasted for a long time. Check here all the details about it in the following article.

In 2018, Hassen Jahan filed a case against Mohammed Shami, demanding 10 lakh alimony from him. She explained to the judges that she needed 7 lakhs for her expenses while the other 3 lakhs each month had to care for her daughter. However, this did not happen and she is now expected to appeal the Kolkata court decision in the Supreme Court. Let us inform our readers that Alipur Court Judge Anindita Ganguly rendered the verdict on Monday 23rd January 2023.

The media reports confirm that Shami has to give Rs. 80,000 to his wife so that their daughter can be well cared for. Mriganka Mistri, Haseen Jahan’s lawyer, said that Mohammed Shami had a net worth of 7 crores and based on that he could easily pay his wife the said amount. Mistry went on to say it would not be a big deal for the cricketer. On the other hand, Shami’s lawyer, Selim Rehman, said that Jahan is a model herself and earns enough to cover her expenses.

Because of this, she does not require any additional payment from her husband and has called her claim baseless and unacceptable. For those not in the know, Haseen Jahan and Mohammed Shami tied the knot in 2014. Everything was going well until 2018 when fights broke out between them. In the same year, Haseen accused Jahan Shami of domestic violence. After the allegations, the couple separated and lived separately.

If you believe the media reports, the couple is not yet divorced. Aside from the domestic violence allegations, Haseen Jahan also accused the bowler of match-fixing, which caused much controversy. However, Shami was found innocent in the BCCI inquest. This happens to be the reason why he is still part of the Indian team. Stay tuned to the Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news. Follow our page.

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