Criticism: Verona man offended about custody state of affairs attacked FBI workplace door with ax | crime

A man from Verona was charged Tuesday with criminal harm and disorderly behavior over an alleged incident in June in which police said he hit the doors of the local FBI office with an ax.

A criminal complaint said 40-year-old William J. Buffo told Middleton police that he was upset that the FBI would not investigate his custody concerns and instead continued to refer his complaints to the Dane County Sheriff’s office.

The complaint is one of six currently pending against Buffo, who was also charged Tuesday with stalking and domestic violence violations. The stalking charge is a crime. Most of the other complaints currently pending against Buffo also accuse him of domestic violence violations.



Buffo, who appeared in court on video Tuesday, was released from prison on $ 1,250 bail.

According to the FBI’s punitive damage complaint:

Agents told police they were working in the Middleton office at around 8 a.m. on June 25 when someone outside the office kept ringing the doorbell. An agent saw Buffo on the doorbell video camera and said, “I want someone to come to me” and “The people I’m paying for didn’t come to speak to me.”

After he had hung up with Buffo, the agent heard someone scream: “He’s hitting the door with an ax!” The agent told police he saw Buffo hold the ax to the camera before hitting it.

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