Custody swimsuit: The court docket upholds Fani-Kayode’s rejection of court docket recordsdata

By Eric Ikhilae, Abuja

  • Says ex-minister was not served properly

  • How he cheated on me to marry him – Estranged Mrs. Chikwendu

Abuja, a Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Supreme Court in Apo, has suspended serving court documents to a former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, in connection with a custody suit filed by his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu.

Judge Sylvanus Oriji ruled Friday that while the ex-minister was aware of the lawsuit and saw the court documents, there was no evidence that he was served in person, as required by law.

Judge Oriji agreed with Fani-Kayode’s attorney, Adeola Adedipe, that the evidence in the court did not indicate that Fani-Kayode was personally served with the original proceedings in the case.

However, the judge declined Fani-Kayode’s prayer that the court would decline jurisdiction to hear the wrongful service lawsuit.

He took the view that improper service could not render a lawsuit incompetent and deny the court jurisdiction to hear it, but that the plaintiff was only obliged to serve again.

At the request of the plaintiff’s attorney, Ms. ED Moi-Wuyep, Judge Orij withdrew the plaintiff’s motion for an injunction and adjourned it until April 21 of this year to hear the substantive lawsuit.

He ordered the delivery of the hearing notice and the respondent’s original processes.

The estranged wife of Fani-Kayode is characterized by the lawsuit: CV / 372/2021 seeks, among other things, custody of the four children caused by marriage, “but with an appropriate right of access granted to the respondent (Fani-Kayode). ”

The woman, who wants Fani-Kayode and his agents not to forcibly abduct the children from their custody, asked the court to order the ex-minister to pay her N3.438 million a month for child support and additional amounts Training and other ancillary costs.

The former beauty queen also responded to Fani-Kayode’s threat that he had video evidence of his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu’s infidelity, and dared the former minister to do so if he had such a video.

Chikwendu said in a press release she personally signed on Thursday that she had never had an extramarital affair, but that it was instead Fani-Kayode who “brought strange women into our marriage home at the slightest opportunity.”

On Thursday, the Miss United Nations 2014 said that their choice of Fani-Kayode for marriage was based on “empathy and naivety”.

She said, “You cannot have a whore for a woman and present her to the world with the best captions and poetry almost every day unless she is a fantastic soul.

“Unless, of course, he’s hiding the demonic atrocities he committed while trying to be an excellent husband. The FFK I lived with will share the aforementioned videos when allegations of infidelity hold up for nearly seven years of marriage in the distance.

“My years at FFK were completely veiled. I went around with at least four police officers and three bodyguards. Friends even avoided me in church as I had a strong security presence even during offerings and Thanksgiving. He perceived every schoolmate, ex, cousin or male voice on the phone as a potential lover.

“I’ve never had an extramarital affair, as is dubiously claimed. On the contrary, FFK brought strange women into our marriage home at the slightest opportunity.

“After two heartbreakings, I made a wrong decision and believed that an older man would love me and make me happy. I just loved FFK, fought for him and gave him sons he never had. I did everything for him – I was his hairdresser, editor, nurse (before and after his suspected COVID 19), cook, picture maker and stylist with no limits.

“For all of these victims, I received physical and verbal abuse. Lies, all kinds of inhuman treatment, and now trying to keep my young children away from their mothers. “

She added that the former minister was financially broke when they met in 2014, despite being classified as running after Fani-Kayode’s money.

“When I met Femi in 2014, he had already frozen his bank accounts by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission and they are still frozen to this day. He opened another bank account when he joined the Goodluck Jonathan campaign team in 2015.

“The current government has launched an investigation based on the source of the campaign funds. And his campaign account was frozen again. Common sense can show that he may have been financially constrained when I was with him, ”Chikwendu said.

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