Cynthia Bailey claims infidelity did not result in breakup with Mike

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Cynthia Bailey has squashed rumors that she broke up with Mike Hill because he cheated on her in their marriage.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Following news of Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill’s split The real housewives of Atlanta Star denied they broke up over infidelity. On October 12, it was announced that Cynthia and Mike were ending their two-year marriage. Cynthia and Mike announced their split via a joint statement on social media. The separating couple said they would always love each other and that their split was nobody’s fault. They also assured everyone that they will remain good friends and will always cherish the many memories shared as a couple. Cynthia and Mike ended their statement by thanking everyone who has been with them from the start of their journey.


Despite the amicable nature of Cynthia and Mike’s split, some fans believed infidelity was the reason for their split. However, Cynthia has now responded to rumors that Mike was unfaithful to her during their marriage, which may have prompted her to end their relationship. Cynthia recently spoke to People, her first interview since their split. When asked if infidelity led to her breakup with Mike, she said, “As far as I know, there was no infidelity. Mike never had sex with another woman during our marriage.” She said their breakup stemmed from several things that she declined to go into detail about out of respect for their marriage. The RHOA alum concluded by saying their split “wasn’t scandalous. We just outgrew each other.”

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RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey says divorce is not a ‘bad thing’

Cynthia also said that her and Mike’s split was not a tragic ending for her. Instead, it was about two people with enough love and respect for each other who chose to be honest about their relationship. She admitted, “It might not seem like it when you’re thinking about divorce or the end of a relationship, but that’s not a bad thing for us.” Cynthia said they asked each other if they were really happy as a couple and how they wanted to proceed. Eventually, they were brave and loved each other enough to make the decision to break up. The supermodel-turned-actress also said she and Mike learned from their past relationships. Therefore, like her previous marriage to Peter Thomas, she didn’t want to wait nearly eight years before finding out they were incompatible.

It’s good that Cynthia has come forward to clear up any false insinuations about her breakup with Mike. Separating from a spouse is never an easy decision, but one has to commend the way Cynthia and Mike handled their breakup. It’s also good that the former lovebirds remain good friends after their separate ways and still have so much love and respect for each other. Cynthia also noted that she has no regrets marrying Mike and would do it 100 times. She said she had an incredible marriage with him and tagged him as her best friend.

Cynthia’s testimony goes a long way in curbing rumors that Mike may have cheated on her. The real housewives of Atlanta Alum hasn’t closed the door to finding love again, claiming that she would always try. Cynthia wants to find the right person for her as she feels like she deserves love just like everyone else. Her fans will be cheering her on as she begins her journey as a single woman again. Hopefully Cynthia and Mike will find their ideal partners and be happy in their next relationships. No one can deny that they deserve that and much more.

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