Dallas ranks #1 for infidelity, in line with new index. A former ‘Cheaters’ host has theories

A UK-based dating website analyzed the data and found that Texas has an excessive number of cities in its infidelity index.

On MyDatingAdviser.com’s list of the nation’s most unfaithful cities, Dallas ranks first and Fort Worth second. Houston is third.

In a study of 200 metro areas, MyDatingAdviser.com used data from the US Census Bureau to compare relationship satisfaction, life satisfaction, infidelity intention and affair activity, said Amy Pritchett, a London-based relationship author and MyDatingAdviser.com editor.

Pritchett presented the rankings on the website, which offers and solicits dating advice.

“We also looked at the number of places to meet for an affair, and the volume of searches on Google for affair sites was also factored into the ranking,” Pritchett said in an email.

Tommy Habeeb, who lives in Dallas and helped popularize the reality TV show Cheaters 20 years ago, saw the dating site’s results and couldn’t agree more.

“I think there is [more of] a focus on looks, a focus on health, a focus on mental health in Texas than almost anywhere,” Habeeb said. “I really noticed when we started recording cheaters.”

Scammers, started by Dallas attorney Bobby Goldstein, continues today with the premise of spotlighting couples where a partner is sneaking around.

Habeeb, who goes by the persona Tommy Grand, hosted Cheaters from its beginnings in 2000 to 2002. He also hosts STAG: A Test of Love, which portrays spouses-to-be before their wedding and chronicles their reactions to their partners’ bachelorette parties .

Tommy Habeeb hosted “Cheaters” from its inception in 2000 to 2002. He also hosts “STAG: A Test of Love.” For him, the placements are no surprise.(Lola Gomez / Staff Photographer)

From studying where and why people cheat, Habeeb got his theories about patterns.

Over the years, he noticed that a lot of infidelity happened in the warmer climes of the southern United States

“It’s getting warmer and you’re outside more,” he said. “There’s the way we dress and the southern cutie that might come off as flirtatious.

“The next thing you know, you’re standing in the parking lot at lunch and bad things are happening.”

In her Infidelity Index, Pritchett ranked the top 10 unfaithful cities, listing the marriage rate, divorce rate, breakup rate, happiness index, and Google search trends indicating interest in an affair.

Google searches were tracked for “affair” and “Ashley Madison,” a Canada-based dating site marketed to married or related individuals.

On the other hand, California is heaven for those looking for a faithful relationship. Pasadena, Torrance, Roseville, and Visalia ranked first through fourth for loyalty. Back in Texas, Laredo was No. 5 and McAllen was No. 9 on the metric.

When Cheaters first aired, the Dallas and Fort Worth area was the setting for most episodes. In discussions about the show’s location, Habeeb said D-FW was not considered ground zero for infidelity.

“It was never planned that way — we had no idea,” said Habeeb, who now produces an animal rescue show called To The Rescue. “We wanted to travel across the country for filming, but because of the budget [constraints] and trying to catch people in the act takes time, and these aren’t all perfect cases.

“We tried filming in other cities and we succeeded. But then it became: Why? Why would we do that and spend all this money when we have an unlimited amount of material here?”

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