Dear Annie: Infidelity – My Husband’s Fatal Mistake | advisory columns

Dear Annie, I recently married the greatest guy I’ve ever met, but I know full well that he has cheated on me more than once. I actually got calls from the other woman describing his body and my home.

When confronted with this he tells me to stop complaining, gets angry and asks how I can think that of him when he is the most loyal guy in the world. He says he wouldn’t do this to me because “I’m his world, his everything.” He says that with tears in his eyes.

But still, my heart tells me he’s lying right in my face and laughing behind my back.

All of our friends know they cheated on me because they saw them together, and one even helped him cheat more than once.

I thought I was going to marry my true love. What can I do?

— Married to a man who won’t come in

Dear Confused: Honesty and trust are two of the most important qualities for a successful relationship, and you don’t have either with this guy. He shouldn’t make you feel bad for talking to him about your concerns. Seek the help of a trained marriage counselor as soon as possible so you can decide if you want to stay married to “the biggest man,” who isn’t sounding so good right now.

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