Dear Bunmi, can I overcome your infidelity?

My friend’s co-worker let it be known that she was having an affair with a guy from the office. She didn’t know we were still together.

When I confronted her and told her who spilled the beans, she said it was a one-time thing.

Even though we’re still together, I still can’t bring myself to sleep with her. I can’t forgive the fact that she had sex with another man when she declared that she loved me.

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I find it repulsive and wonder if it will ever be the same again.

Yode, via email.

dear jode,

Did you actually sit down to talk about what happened and why?

Your girlfriend needs to make you understand why she was attracted to this other man and why she went so far as to cheat on you by sleeping with him.

Something must have gone wrong for her to act the way she did.

Only when you know the truth can you decide if you have a future together.

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