Deavan’s mom, Elicia, reveals custody of Taeyang! Jihoon has no real interest in his son

The divorce drama of 90-day fiancé Deavan and Jihoon is not over yet. But luckily, the child is custody, and Deavan has full legal and physical custody of Taeyang. Deavan’s mother, Elicia, announced that Jihoon has no interest in raising Taeyang together. Elicia claims that Jihoon suddenly disappeared and doesn’t care about his son’s life. Let’s take a look at what Elicia revealed on her recent social media appearance.

90-day fiancé: Jihoon is allowed to meet Taeyang, but under certain conditions

Former 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Deavan and Jihoon had a bad breakup. However, their divorce is not over yet. Deavan’s mother, Elicia, revealed in an Instagram video that Deavan and Jihoon are still going through legal process. But custody of the child is now clear. Elicia made it clear that the child’s custody has now been cleared and that there was no kidnapping. The reality star said, “Fortunately, Deavan now has full legal and physical custody of Taeyang.”

Jihoon isn’t entirely prevented from meeting his son, however. He can meet Taeyang if he wants. But he will only be able to see Taeyang if Jihoon agrees to take anger management and parenting classes because of what he did to Drascilla. Elicia claims Jihoon said on a live stream that he would do the same to Taeyang that he did to Drascilla. In addition, the star explains that Jihoon is pulling the hair of Deavan’s child and beating is unacceptable. In order not to do such a thing in the future, Jihoon has to cultivate his behavior. 90-day fiancé Jihoon can meet his child, but under certain circumstances.

90-Day Fiancé: Elicia Claims Jihoon has no interest in meeting his son

Jihoon does not have full custody of Taeyang. However, the reality star can still meet his child. Elicia claims that they never prevented Jihoon from meeting Taeyang. But he never tried to be interested in his son’s life. He suddenly disappeared without prior notice, phone calls, or meeting. Elicia pointed out that fans could still find Jihoon as he has a YouTube channel and he’s very active in it. But he’s nowhere near his family.

Deavan’s mother revealed that it isn’t Deavan who is preventing Jihoon from meeting his son. Instead, it’s Jihoon who doesn’t want to be there even in his son’s life. Elicia says, “You can’t force anyone. You can’t force anyone to be parents. ”Elicia also mentions that they want Taeyang’s father to have a good time with his son. However, Jihoon himself has withdrawn from the relationship. In addition, as Elicia claims, he has moved on in his life too.

Screenrant reported that Elicia never approved Deavan of her Korean ex-husband. She always had a problem with the fact that Jihoon didn’t have a job even at 30. Do you think Elicia could blame Jihoon for not looking after his son just because she doesn’t like him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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