Decision in the case of GPS tracking of the mayor, the commissioner is expected soon

A private investigator could soon be asked to reveal who hired him to track the vehicles of Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and former Washoe County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung with a GPS tracking device.

Washoe County Second Court Judge David Hardy said Monday his decision is expected “within a week.”

It is questionable whether private detective David McNeely can treat his client confidentially. His attorney, Ryan Gormley, argued the client’s identity was privileged and a trade secret.

McNeely was hired last year to track both politicians’ movements ahead of the election. Schieve and Hartung have sued McNeely to disclose the customer so they can take further legal action.

Her attorney, Adam Hosmer-Henner, argued the covert pursuit was “offensive and objectionable” and caused “fear and distress.”

Neither side had a specific law to invoke or a similar case to support their argument.

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