Deiveson Figueiredo is pleased about $ 50,000 repairs, says Dana White, apologizing for the UFC 255 Bonus Snub

Deiveson Figueiredo scored an impressive first-round entry in the UFC 255 Main Event on Nov. 21 against Alex Perez and agreed to a historic three-week turnaround to defend his flyweight title against Brandon Moreno in the UFC 256 Main Event three weeks later. That win alone didn’t seem to impress Dana White enough to give him a post-fight performance bonus.

Even so, the president of UFC invited Figueiredo to his Las Vegas office a few days later to give him a bag of $ 50,000 in cash and admitted that he was “nuts.”

“He told the name it made a mistake and he was there to fix it,” Figueiredo told MMA Fighting. “He apologized for not giving me the bonus right away, saying that everyone had criticized him a lot, but he’s someone who always corrects his mistakes and he was there to do it.”

Little did the Brazilian talent, who says he received no additional financial incentive to immediately bounce and take on Moreno in December, pocket extra money getting in and out of a car with his manager Wallid Ismail went to the UFC office.

“I really didn’t know,” said Figueiredo. “But I joked with Wallid in the car: ‘I’ll get my keep from Papa now.’ And Wallid laughed, he filmed it and when we got there [White] did this surprise and gave me my keep [laughs]. I honestly had no idea. Wallid said, “Man, you are really great, you were right.”

“I said, ‘Well, I’m going to buy a crystal ball here in the US now.'”

Figueiredo improved his professional fighter to 20: 1 with his win on November 21st. “Deus da Guerra” will face Moreno on December 12th and after winning against Joseph Benavidez (twice) try to win 4-0 this year win. and Perez.

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