Derrick Jaxn’s spouse, previous to his fraudulent confession, demanded a lump sum upkeep allowance and custody of kids who secretly divorced

YOUTH Derrick Jaxn’s wife demanded maintenance and full custody of her two children in the event of their secret divorce before his shocking confession.

Derrick’s wife of over three, Da’Naia Jackson, filed for divorce from the relationship expert on August 28, 2020.


Derrick Jaxn’s wife Da’Naia secretly filed for divorce in August 2020Photo credit: YouTube

Da’Naia claimed the couple had been separated for at least six months at the time of filing because they and their two young children lived in Colorado.

She said she was entitled to a divorce on the grounds that the marriage was “irretrievably broken”, “with no prospect of reconciliation”.

Da’Naia said she was “fit and tidy” and that it was in the “best interests” of the minor children that she have primary custody.

She demanded that they share joint custody of the underage children and that they have final decision-making powers.

Da'Naia asked Derrick to make a living allowance


Da’Naia asked Derrick to make a living allowancePhoto credit: @ derrickjaxn / Instagram
She also applied for primary custody of her two children


She also applied for primary custody of her two childrenPhoto credit: Instagram / @duh_nay_uh_jackson

Da’Naia requested a court order that child support be in accordance with Georgia Child Support Guidelines.

She claimed she was “essentially dependent” on Derrick for support and maintenance.

The court record read: “She is entitled to a temporary and permanent maintenance payment and / or maintenance payment from the respondent.”

She also asked Derrick to pay her legal fees.

Da'Naia rejected the divorce in October 2020


Da’Naia rejected the divorce in October 2020Photo credit: Instagram / @duh_nay_uh_jackson

Derrick never responded to the petition. Da’Naia dismissed the divorce on October 2, 2020.

Derrick, whose real last name is Jackson, admitted cheating on his wife after two women came forward claiming they were having an affair with the author.

He admitted on a YouTube video while holding hands with his wife, “Derrick Jackson dated other women out of wedlock.”

“I talk about things as serious as sex, sexual flirtation and that sort of thing. And some things that may be considered okay by some when it comes to chatting and checking in with people I’ve met before, but without my woman’s knowledge and the fact that we have a sexual history falls under the umbrella of inappropriate cheating, cheating, affair, and dropping out.

Derrick admitted cheating on his wife


Derrick admitted cheating on his wifePhoto credit: Derrick Jaxn / YouTube

“Certainly not in line with the vows I took, and certainly not in line with the biblical standard of what it means to be faithful, which is the standard that I am now going.”

The YouTuber revealed that his wife was aware of the affairs.

She said, “There is no justification for including other women in our marriage at any level, and that was unacceptable.

“It’s not something I tolerate or we tolerate going forward and when I was inundated with messages to leave and why I didn’t leave, the answer is that I left when I went away have experienced.

The two reconciled after a breakup


The two reconciled after a breakupPhoto credit: Instagram / @duh_nay_uh_jackson

“I didn’t hesitate or waste time on it. And I stayed away, no matter how many times he came, I stayed away and stayed firm in my decision and I didn’t come back until I saw a change and change in his mentality and how he was himself and how he presented himself in conversations that we could have, that we never had in 12 years of getting to know each other. “

She continued, “So now that I am, it is in peace and by its side and I have no hesitation or hurt or shame about it, and it is only because of God’s grace and God’s mercy.

“And we’ve already opened a new chapter in this story and we’re moving forward and sharing this with you right now, and I’ve forgiven him, and most importantly, God forgave him and others too.”

In a separate YouTube video, Da’Naia revealed that she filed for divorce when she learned of the affairs and that they were separated for most of 2020.

His wife also claimed he cheated before they tied the knot


His wife also claimed he cheated before they tied the knotPhoto credit: Instagram / @duh_nay_uh_jackson

She also claimed he cheated before their wedding.

Da’Naia said, “The only reason I talked to come back was because your mentality and the way you treat me have actually changed. You excluded people from your life. You have these connections with these people canceled and that’s something you do. ” never did, you never implied.

“Even if I try again to separate and get back together. You had never done any of this before. Also your striving for God and your continual striving with or without me. I was out of your life. It was over. “

A woman named Candice De Medeiros told YouTuber Tasha K that he was planning a short vacation with her in Miami in July 2020.

A mistress, Candice, reached out to YouTuber Tasha K.


A mistress, Candice, reached out to YouTuber Tasha K.Photo credit: YouTube / UNWINEWITHTASHAK

She claimed Derrick also took her to the Atlanta house he shares with his wife.

She went on to claim that Derrick convinced her he was separated from his wife and that she lived with her family in Colorado after seeing Kisten at his home during his visit.

The influencer became suspicious of Derrick when he started communicating with her on Snapchat because his wife was staying home.

She claimed he then banned her from social media.

A second mistress claimed she was also having an affair with Derrick


A second mistress claimed she was also having an affair with DerrickPhoto credit: YouTube

A second mistress reached out to Tasha K, claiming she had a six-month affair with Derrick in August 2019.

She claimed she texted him on Instagram while going through a breakup.

The two met and had “instant chemistry” and “sparks” as they didn’t know he was married.

She claimed he told her he was “unfortunately married,” but they were separated and were going to get a divorce.

Derrick told a woman that he was


Derrick told a woman that he was “unfortunately” marriedPhoto credit: Derrick Jaxn

The night they met, she claimed he “whipped his tail” in his Atlanta apartment.

The woman told the YouTuber when he said he was reconciled with his wife: “He blocked me on social media, Snapchat. We started in August [2019] and it lasted until May 2020. It was pretty stable. We talked the whole time. He was like a friend. “

Then a third mistress, a 33-year-old surgeon named Nikki, came forward to reveal her alleged relationship with Derrick despite claiming to have remained loyal to his wife.

She claimed she met Derrick on October 29, 2020 while visiting a mall in Atlanta, and he walked up to her and introduced himself as “Zeek”.

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The two reportedly developed a romantic relationship and he would visit her at the hospital where she works or at her home.

Nikki claimed she felt he was separated and living with his cousin while his “estranged” wife lived in Arkansas.

Nikki claimed the last time they had sex was on March 18.

A third woman claimed the last time they had sex was on March 18


A third woman claimed the last time they had sex was on March 18Photo credit: Getty

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