DHHR CPS admissions employees accused of making an attempt to kidnap a relative of a toddler throughout an obvious custody scenario, based on WV Information

GRAFTON, W.Va. (WV News) – Authorities have an arrest warrant pending against a DHHR child protection agent accusing her of attempting to kidnap a relative – a 2-year-old child – during an apparent custody situation handed to Taylor prosecutor John Bord.

The police could not find Sandra Sue Blankemeyer, 51, from Fairmont to serve the warrant, said Bord.

Misty Nicholas, Grafton’s patrol officer, received the warrant accusing Blankemeyer of having committed a crime to kidnap, kidnap, or hide a child.

Nicholas had made a referral regarding the child to Child Protection Services on Dec. 12, based on information provided to her, according to a sworn affidavit for the warrant.

However, on December 17, Nicholas learned that the DHHR had determined that the information did not meet the legal definition of an abused or neglected child, so the referral had not been assigned for assessment.

Nicholas later learned that Blankemeyer allegedly went to the apartment the child was in and said she was a CPS worker and had issued a DHHR badge according to the affidavit. Blankemeyer also allegedly said she was there to do a CPS exam, the affidavit said.

At first, the adults at the residence said they were reluctant to comply with Blankemeyer’s demands, but they added that they eventually agreed to take the child out on the porch after Blankemeyer announced he would call law enforcement, it says the affidavit.

“The defendant … has inspected the child’s arms, legs and torso,” claimed Nicholas. “The defendant held the child and [one of the adults there] States that [Blankemeyer] told him to follow her to her vehicle so they could take the child back to the mother. “

When Blankemeyer’s alleged application was denied, she reportedly left the apartment and people in house 911, according to the official’s affidavit.

Nicholas then worked to confirm whether Blankemeyer was working for CPS.

The officer learned from two DHHR officers that Blankemeyer’s job is to “answer phone calls at Central Intake headquarters in Fairmont, WV and refer cases to field workers. Director [Rebecca] Carson went on to state that the defendant’s position and duties are limited to headquarters and do not allow field work, “claimed Nicholas.

“As a result, on December 20, 2020, the defendant was acting well outside of her jurisdiction when she arrived at the victim’s home and stated that she was there for an investigation,” claimed Nicholas. “The defendant showed wrongdoing by misrepresenting her authority and using the color of her office and ID cards … to gain access to the child.”

Blankemeyer told law enforcement that she had never been to the residence, according to the complaint, and was in Mannington all December 20. Blankemeyer also said she was absent from Grafton on December 20, according to Nicholas. However, a relative said Blankemeyer was in Grafton that day, according to Nicholas.

Bord said additional fees would be likely after a state code review.

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