Did Monica verify infidelity in marriage to Shannon Brown?

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If you were like us, you were probably a little confused about the split and divorce between singer Monica Arnold and former NBA player Shannon Brown.

In her explanation for the disconnect, Monica tried to keep it classy. She didn’t reveal any messy details. But she repeatedly and relentlessly claimed that another person was not the cause of her split.

In an interview with RuPaul last summer, Monica said, “Fortunately for us it wasn’t another person that was the problem…” Later she repeated this point: “I learned some things because, as I said, in my marriage, they were not other people who have ever been the problem. “

But that never stopped the infidelity rumors from flying around. And there were several.

Now that it has been some time since Monica and Shannon’s divorce was finalized in October 2019, Monica seems ready to acknowledge that there were a few more people in their marriage – well, that doesn’t necessarily mean his betrayal was the cause that’s what the divorce was for – but I’m sure it didn’t help.

Either way, Gossip of The City recently posted an image from rapper Kevin Gates’ Instagram stories. In the picture he was promoting the business of a woman whose Instagram handle is “@kingbrandyyy”.

How these things usually go was the story under the heading, “Kevin is promoting his sister, King Brandy, the woman Shannon Brown dated when he was married to Monica. Let that sink in. “

It is a bold claim. And it certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly, considering that Shannon and Monica were in an entire marriage and the two share a daughter.

But the reason we even share this story with you is because Monica herself seemed to add credibility to the story by commenting on the same post.

Apparently the owner and operator of Gossip of the City bears the name Fee in the original signature and must have also used the name Brown in reference to Monica.

But the singer stepped into the comment section of the post not to deny the claims, but rather to indicate that her last name is Arnold.

She commented, “Monica Arnold Fee <3," which led people to believe that she approved of, and maybe even affirmed, the value of the story.

What is particularly interesting is the alleged lover, sister-wife Brandy, who also responded to Monica’s comment with this little comment.

“Monica no [crying laughing emoji]| ”

Later, on her Instagram stories, she mentioned Monica and wrote, “@monicadenise doesn’t do that.” She completed the since deleted Instagram story with another crying, laughing emoji.

Whoever Ms. Brandy is, she seems a little more than messy.

In any case, it’s all pretty interesting. What do you think of these allegations and Monica’s comment?

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