Do not Mess With The Cash: four million Australians say monetary infidelity is worse than an affair

Millions of Australians consider financial infidelity to be the ultimate betrayal in their relationship, according to a new study by Finder.

A nationally representative survey of 1,015 respondents found that more than 1 in 5 (22%) Australians believe financial infidelity is worse than having their partner having an affair.

Gen Z (27%) are most likely to admit that they believe financial infidelity is worse than physical cheating, compared with 17% of baby boomers, 19% of Gen X, and 26% of millennials.

Kate Browne, a personal finance expert at Finder, said that being transparent about your finances with your partner can be as important as being loyal in a relationship, especially when your finances are combined.

“Financial infidelity can range from as little as fucking to buying a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe to gambling with large amounts of money.

“Financial fraud equals physical fraud and can be even more devastating in the long run.”

The Finder survey found that men (23%) and women (21%) are almost on an equal footing when it comes to believing financial infidelity is worse than physical cheating.

Browne encourages Australians to be transparent with their partner about their finances from the start.

“It’s a good idea to check early on that your spending and saving settings are compatible. You don’t want to be misled later.”

Finder research in August found that 2 in 5 (40%) Australians – the equivalent of more than 7 million people – did not know how much their partner was worth.

A survey by Relationships Australia found that a majority of respondents (male respondents – 64%, female respondents – 54%) believed that infidelity shouldn’t always lead to the end of a relationship.

However, more than 10% of men and women believed that infidelity should always lead to a separation.

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What do you think is worse in a relationship: financial infidelity or physical cheating?
Cheating physically (i.e. having an affair) 78%
Financial infidelity (i.e. not being honest with your partner about income or expenses) 22%
Source: Finder survey of 1,015 respondents, October 2021

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