Do you know that lighted pizza indicators that you simply see on supply autos have GPS monitoring gadgets? – WTAW

Photo by David Wood from by David Wood from Station Police Report The manager of a college station Domino used his GPS tracker on Thursday evening to find a stolen topper that was left by delivery drivers in the parking garage of Northgate is used.

According to the CSPD arrest report, College Station 24-year-old David Wood told officers he had taken the topper from a friend’s car that he could not identify.

Officers also found that Wood had what was described as a large wad of cash and several pills.

Wood has been arrested for theft with two previous convictions and possession of THC cartridges and alprazolam.

Wood, who is jailed instead of $ 14,000 in total bonds, is also awaiting trial after his arrest in March last year for crashing into an unattended vehicle.

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