Does the present romanticize infidelity?

In seven seasons and one revival, Gilmore Girls fans have followed legendary mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Viewers watched Rory grow from a young teen in high school to a thirty year old who found her way through a career in journalism. Lorelai has also grown, especially in her personal life.

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With all the ups and downs of the Gilmore Girls, the infidelity trend cannot be overlooked. From secret kisses to breakout matters, the show finds a way to make infidelity romantic rather than problematic. Fans of the show took to Reddit to talk about how laissez-faire is an attitude Gilmore Girls has towards scams. A lot has happened in and around Stars Hollow, regardless of viewers’ opinions on infidelity.

10 Rory kissed Jess when she was with Dean

The fans were torn when Rory kissed Jess (depending on whether you were #TeamDean or #TeamJess or not). She was finally in a good place with Dean after Jess moved away from Stars Hollow, but when he came back to see her, Rory got lost. She ran up to him at Sookie’s party and kissed him, forgot that 1). she is with Dean and 2). Dean was there! After kissing Jess, she had to go back to the wedding and pretend everything was fine and nothing happened.

9 Lorelai slept with Chris. The second hatch disagreed with Eloping

christopher and lorelai - gilmore girls

Some may say Lorelai and Luke were separated when she slept with Christopher that fateful night, but the status of their relationship was never really discussed.

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After giving Luke an ultimatum, he just couldn’t make up his mind. He didn’t like (or appreciate) being forced to do something he wasn’t ready to do. Lorelai took his silence as an answer and fled the scene. She ran straight to Christopher’s house where they had a one night stand. Shortly thereafter, Luke appeared at Lorelai’s front door in Stars Hollow and told her he was ready. Lorelai told Luke that she slept with Christopher and he left without saying a word. He was angry and felt betrayed.

8th Lorelai called Christopher on their bachelorette party night

Emily's bachelorette party - Gilmore Girls

When Lorelai was engaged to Max, the gang went to a bar to have their bachelorette party. Emily told the table how nervous she was before marrying Richard, but most of all, she felt safe and adored by her fiancé. Lorelai never felt like that with Max. Instead of calling him to free her nerves, she called Christopher. And from that moment on, Christopher came into her head and she canceled the wedding.

7th Rory cheated on Paul with Logan

Alexis Bledel as Rory and Bryce Johnson as Paul in Gilmore Girls

It was very unusual for Rory to meet someone she didn’t like. If it were, she would have dated Marty. Many men wanted to court Rory, but she always followed her heart.

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One year in her life she kept joking about breaking up with Paul because she kept forgetting him. And while she was with him, she still routinely slept with Logan. Poor Paul didn’t deserve to be forgotten.

6th Logan cheated on Odette with Rory

Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Logan (Matt Czuchry) in

It was surprising to find out that one year in his life Rory would still sleep with Logan. It seems that the two couldn’t rely on each other.

While Rory was visiting Logan in London, viewers learned that they had a “don’t ask” policy on important other people. This got difficult when it was discovered that Logan was engaged to a woman named Odette. Odette lived with him all day now and he still slept with Rory. It was written the way Logan and Rory should be, but that’s not how the reboot ended.

5 Dean cheated on Lindsay with Rory

Rory Gilmore and Dean

Matters rarely end well – even on TV. When Dean and Rory saw each other while he was married to Lindsay, fans couldn’t help but feel terrible for his young bride.

Rory gave Dean her virginity and she made it seem like this was acceptable because she had Dean first. She dated and loved Dean before Lindsay and she knew him better. However, he was still married. Their short-lived affair led to a divorce from Dean, and what’s worse, nothing stable came from her and Dean afterward.

4th Rory kissed Jess when she was mad at Logan

Rory and Jess are sitting on the floor and want to kiss

In season six, Rory found that Logan was familiar with a lot of his sister’s friends while they were on a break. Rory didn’t realize they’d broken their relationship so she saw it as a cheat. Around this time she was traveling all the way to Philadelphia to assist Jess at his book launch party. At the end of the party, the two shared a simple kiss. Rory was still technically with Logan, however. She came to Jess after the kiss and as you can imagine it was ticked off.

3 Logan slept with the Friends of Honor during a “break” with Rory

honors bridesmaids - Gilmore Girls

Speaking of Logan! When Rory and Logan took a break after treating Jess, they stopped talking. But on Thanksgiving, Rory got a call from Logan’s sister Honor, apologizing for her brother breaking up with her … Rory had no idea the two were separated.

Months later, when they got back together, Rory found out that Logan was quite busy with other women while they were apart. In her mind, Logan was betraying her. But to Logan he was a single man. In any case, Rory was shocked.

2 Christopher kissed Lorelai during a break from sherry

Chris and Lorelai at Sookie's Wedding - Gilmore Girls

When Christopher tells Lorelai that he and his serious friend Sherry hadn’t worked out, they decided to try their romance again. The timing seemed right for these two long-term love birds. Christopher came to Lorelai as her date for Sookie’s wedding and everything seemed fine with the world. But suddenly Christopher got a call from Sherry: She was pregnant.

At that moment, Christopher left Lorelai and jumped back into Sherry’s arms, where they soon became engaged. There is no way in the world that Christopher told Sherry about his rendezvous with his baby mom, which only encouraged more lies.

1 Rory kissed Tristan after a fight with Dean

To respect Dean and Rory’s relationship, they were technically not together when Rory kissed Tristan. It felt incredibly close to infidelity, however, because Rory and Dean had just broken up after he told her he loved her. An angry Rory went to a party where she stumbled into Tristan and kissed him heart to heart.

Dean and Rory get back together shortly after that kiss, and she did everything possible to hide what had happened. She knew the second dean found out he had kissed Tristan and that their relationship would be over.

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