Duncan Mighty accuses spouse of infidelity, says DNA check proves he isn’t her daughter’s father [ARTICLE]

In another long post posted on his Instagram page on Friday December 4, 2020, the music star said a certain Mr. Frank was Mitchell’s father.

“Mr. FRANK is the best friend responsible for bringing you to the highest and most powerful JuJu. FRANK and Bright are the fathers of Mitchell as DNA has proven me negative,” he wrote.

Duncan Mighty accuses wife of infidelity [LIB]

Duncan Mighty accuses wife of infidelity [LIB]

“On November 24, 2015, five days after ICon was born, I gave Vivian a car that evening. She pulled up my phone and saw a N100 million balance from the mallam I had sold pounds to. She told me what the money is for. I said I am building. As a TV station to bring the entertainment industry in Portharcourt to life, she hugged me and said you were just too humble. “

He also revealed that his wife and family members have been sponsoring and maintaining a shrine for four years, which they use for their diabolical activities.

“Eleven months later, they went to the first juju house and spent three feet building a hidden shrine. The existence of this hidden shrine is to hide everything they do in case anyone should try to mentally find out who the person is will see another face and not her, “he added.

“The most important thing is to neutralize DUNCANS POWERS, which requires Frank and Bright to have sex with Vivian. The mother will be responsible for burying the spell and Maria will be responsible for feeding the shrine. In exactly four years will DUNCAN sick and dies. “”

Duncan Mighty and his wife Vivian [Instagram/DuncanMighty]

Duncan Mighty and his wife Vivian [Instagram/DuncanMighty]

“But GOD failed when this attempt led to MITCHELL’s pregnancy. Now the 4 years have come to survive DUNCAN MIGHTY. It is still not a SAMSON that has failed all. The main reason for exposing this evil is, that Mitchell’s life is in jeopardy as they plan to kill Mitchell lest the truth prevail, #asamandontkeepyoursefempty If a woman kills you even to hellfire, say no. # PHOTOSHOPED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SCANDAL CONFESSION COMING SOON. “

Duncan Mighty’s post comes barely 24 hours after dropping the bomb on his wife’s confession.

According to him, Vivien confessed to plans to kill him and take his property.

He went on to claim that he recorded the “confession” and would release it to the public if they or their family members denied the allegations.

Mighty and Vivien have been married for five years and have three children together.

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