Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme accepts infidelity; Report blackmail

December 12, 2021

Boy Stephanie Hernández has the singer of the Group of companies, Eduin Caz, after revealing a video in which the artist sleeps with another woman who is not his wife.

Yesterday, the dancer uploaded the said material to her TikTok account and then assured her that she had received attacks on her person.

“Based on the threats I have received, I want to make it clear that if something happens to me, I will blame him,” he wrote on his Instagram stories.

This afternoon, Eduin responded to the controversy in a nearly two-minute video.

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Eduin Caz accepted the existence of the video but said the girl was using it to extort money from him.

He assured that some time ago he showed it himself to his wife, with whom there is no problem after the material was revealed, he says.

“The lady wanted to blackmail me with this video, she wanted money. I showed the video to my wife and solved the problems. I told her: ‘That happened, here it is’ ”, he emphasizes in his message.

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He doesn’t know why the girl he never says his name of took it out again.

“You want fame, there you have it. The truth is that he is threatened; mija, I don’t bother you at all, I’m a singer, do what you want with your life, with your social networks, you have already understood it well, what should I do? do, ”he emphasizes.

Repeating that things are fine with his family and wife, he urges people to send him memes about the incident so that he can spread them because they amuse him.


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