Emmanuel Macron acts on the reform of the livelihood – Impressed Traveler

It was a flagship of the “yellow vests”: Divorced parents can now apply for family allowances to act as intermediaries for their payment.

Emmanuel Macron’s first trip of the year will be devoted to child benefit reform. The Elysee emphasizes the “specification of a commitment by the head of state” announced at the end of the great national debate. Far from the controversies over the health crisis, the head of state will meet several families who will benefit from this new “public maintenance service” from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) of Tours.

In response to the anger of precarious single mothers who were part of the troops of the “yellow vests”, the government promised in 2019 to move from a system of “collections” to a logic of “preventing unpaid debts”. Keep by entrusting their recovery to CAF. Specifically, from January 1st, a divorced or separated parent can ask CAF to act as an intermediary for the maintenance payment, even if there is no payment problem. The system can last up to the age of 18 years

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