“Entanglement” the brand new infidelity? Marriage counselor weighs

NEW YORK – It’s a video that has been viewed over 25 million times that shows how difficult it is to have a “happy” marriage.

Clarifying their relationship on Jada’s Facebook series “Red Table Talk,” Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, resolve conversations about infidelity, relationships, and when it is okay to forgive your partner.

Dr. Lexx Brown-James, a licensed marriage and family therapist who founded the Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, spoke to the PIX11 Morning News about these topics.

In her opinion, modern couples are reshaping the conversation about infidelity and becoming more transparent about their transgressions.

Brown-James said there are steps couples can take to rebuild their marriage after betrayal, but it takes a lot of difficult conversation and honesty about what each partner wants.

Dr. Lexx shares more of her thoughts on the matter in the latest episode of the popular Black Girls Therapy podcast, due out Wednesday.

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