Eric Abidal admits that Kheira Hamraoui and Hayet Abidal filed for divorce amid an investigation into assault in opposition to the PSG midfielder


Amid a personal injury investigation against PSG midfielder Kheira Hamraoui, Hayet Abidal, the prime suspect of organizing the attack, files for divorce from Eric Abidal, who admitted to having a relationship with Hamraoui.

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A case that began as simply as “eliminating competition” has grown into a Spanish soap opera of infidelity, vengeance, conspiracy and brutality. Amid ongoing proceedings that could ultimately lead to a jail sentence for Hayet Abidal for her potential role as mastermind of an attack on PSG midfielder Kheira Hamraoui, She has now filed for divorce from former Barcelona player Eric Abidal.

As RT and AS report, Hayet Abidal issued a statement after filing for divorce from the father of their five children, Eric Abidal. The statement concludes that Eric Abidal admitted to having an extramarital affair with Kheira Hamraoui.

Hayet Abidal’s attorney said she would clear up all “rumors” about her client’s involvement in the attack on Hamraoui. Here is Hayet Abidal’s statement.

Hayet Abidal testimony after divorce from Eric Abidal

“Forced by the circumstances and unhappy with the Hamraoui case, Hayet Abidal will file for divorce in Barcelona. After the Versailles prosecutor announced on Monday evening that the footballer’s phone chip was in the name of her husband Eric Abidal, he confessed that he was doing this had an adulterous relationship with Madame Hamraoui “,

Hayet Abidal was brought up for questioning by police earlier this week after former prime suspect Aminata Diallo admitted to police that the attacks were in fact by Hayet Abidal. were planned after learning that her husband was having an affair with Hamraoui.

Hamraoui, 31, was dragged from Diallo’s car and hit his hands and legs with metal bars. According to the French media, one of the attackers is said to have said: “You like to sleep with married men.” Eric Abidal’s legal team has not yet commented.

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