Erika Jayne would fairly keep married to Tom Girardi than give alimony

‘RHOBH’ star, Erika JayneShe has no intention of divorcing her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, at least not in the foreseeable future. The reality TV star previously filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years in 2020; However, things were halted due to a court case.

The former couple have been sued for allegedly embezzling $2 million of the sum entrusted to the former attorney for the Lion Air Flight 610 family victims. The reality TV star denied any knowledge of the matter and was released from the case shortly after.

In a recent “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the 50-year-old was candid about the current state of her marriage and her reason for not pursuing their divorce. According to Jayne, if they were legally separated, she would have to hand over child support payments to Girardi.

Erika Jayne said she had to pay child support


Jayne revealed why she was content to remain separated from husband Girardi. Speaking on Wednesday night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the 50-year-old said her main reason for splitting was not paying him post-divorce alimony.

During the confessional, she said, “It’s ironic, but if I were divorced from Tom, I would have to pay him child support.” “I’m staying married, thanks,” Jayne added, laughing. She also opened up about the legal and financial issues the couple is currently facing as another reason to avoid divorce.

In a FaceTime call with Lisa Rinna, the TV personality explained, “I can’t get a divorce right now. For example, I’m legally separated, so my life has moved on and everything is separate. But I can’t get divorced now. There’s so much legal stuff going on.” Jayne then described the entire situation as “weird” and that she wanted it to be over.

Jayne “mourns” her marriage

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While on screen, Jayne revealed she was still grieving over her marriage to Girardi and shed some light on her most treasured moments. The 50-year-old said: “I think that gets lost in the sensational version of everything. This was someone I was married to for over 20 years and was around 23 years old [years]. It’s tough.”

The Pretty Mess writer continued, “There are real moments of sadness, real moments of — when the holidays came around, you know, at Christmas I would just remember how much fun we were going to have. … But what are you going to do with it? These things happen in life. They happen to everyone; everyone mourns something.”

Jayne also spoke about how stressed she was by having parts of her private life broadcast on television. The 50-year-old described the season as “real fallout” and that she was constantly trying to pull herself together by occasionally mixing alcohol and antidepressants on set. “I wanted to have fun and not feel so heavy. So that’s what I did,” she said.

She filed for divorce in 2020

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Jayne initially filed for divorce from the 83-year-old in November 2020. The duo were married for 21 years before deciding to separate. A month after filing for divorce, Jayne and Girardi were accused and sued by Edelson PC for allegedly embezzling $2 million from funds earmarked to settle the families of the victims of Lion Air Flight 610.

Jayne denied the charges against her, and earlier this year she was released from the fraud charge. She also faced a $50 million racketeering lawsuit and a $2.1 million abetting lawsuit.

Girardi, on the other hand, was cared for by his brother after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. As of July 2021, Robert Girardi will reportedly be in charge of the former lawyer’s health and estate.

Erika Jayne had to exchange earrings worth $750,000

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As reported by The Blast, the TV personality was ordered by a judge to hand over a pair of diamond earrings worth $750,000. The jewels were given to her by her husband in 2007 and were reportedly “stolen property” because they were bought with the embezzled funds.

According to a source close to Jayne, she relinquished ownership of the earrings months before the court decision. Now the 50-year-old just wanted the whole issue to end and a chance to move on with her life.

The source said: “She honestly just wants this all behind her and will do whatever it takes to get it done. She is doing her best to get on with her life.”

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