Evaluna revealed one of the best reward Camilo purchased her to forgive her infidelity – Newest Information, Newest Information, Prime Headlines

Evaluna was present on her Instagram account to show off the juicy gift Camilo had given her after being unfaithful.

Camilo Y. Eva Luna They always find a way to get noticed and this is nothing new. However, the way they are in everyone’s mouth isn’t always the most anticipated, which undoubtedly results in a much more flavorful flavor.

After Camilo had been separated for a few days for professional reasons, it turned out that Camilo was unfaithful to Evaluna … With his music! Although they both have great respect for their respective careers, Camilo did not hesitate to leave his wife alone to pursue her dreams, and many called this “treason”. Of course, none of this has been felt by them as they know very well how to complement each other to get the most out of everyone without going overboard or being stuck for 24 hours.

On this occasion, Camilo decided to surprise Evaluna twice. First, for the time they were separated, and second, for the anniversary of a year of marriage. So much so that the Colombian singer went out of his way and bought an exclusive old Evaluna camera worth a few thousand dollars.

The photo showing the unexpected gift was shared by Evaluna herself and, as expected, the effects don’t stop raining.

While it didn’t go beyond what she gave Camilo, some swear it is quite juicy and preferred not to show it on social networks.

Camilo and Evaluna love each other and there is no doubt they are responsible for constantly making it known not only to each other but also to their millions of followers who are also part of this family they started. And they want to enlarge that!

Rumors of pregnancy are always latent, based on Camilo’s desire to become a father and also on Evaluna’s desire to fulfill this dream, although she assured more than once that the time is not yet for it. While they want to be birth parents, they made it clear that they want to adopt too. A token of love that pays tribute to what your heart dictates.

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