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(CBS4) – Kevin Chavez was arrested Wednesday on 22 crime charges – and investigators say it was his ex-wife who reported him. The Weld County Sheriff’s Office says Chavez, 29, was responsible for the theft and modification of hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen vehicles.

Chavez’s ex-wife contacted the Criminal Impact Unit in January. She told investigators that she and Chavez recently went to a divorce court, but because Chavez had no verifiable income, she was not paid alimony to look after her children.

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The ex-wife confided to investigators that she knew Chavez had illegally made six digits.

The WCSO’s “Strike Team” investigators threw themselves on the same day and recovered vehicles valued at US $ 200,000 that had been reported stolen from Wyoming, South Dakota and New Mexico except here in Colorado.

Even more – two pickup trucks and three ATVs valued at an additional $ 100,000 – were discovered just last week, investigators told CBS4.

Kevin Abelbert Chavez

Kevin Abelbert Chavez (credit: Weld County)

Chavez turned himself in on Wednesday, allegedly admitting shared responsibility for the operation. The authorities are still looking for other contributors to the system.

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A reward was offered for clues leading to further arrests in the case.

Meanwhile, Chavez has faced 11 grave vehicle thefts, seven chop shop activities, four thefts and one vehicle escape – the latter for escaping from MPs at high speed in a stolen vehicle in February .

On Thursday afternoon, a criminal court ruled Chavez’s bond issue at $ 7,500.

Anyone with additional information about Chavez and his criminal activities is encouraged to call the Weld County’s Criminal Impact Unit at (970) 304-6464 or Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). Tips can also be submitted through the Crime Stoppers website at http://www.crimeshurt.com. Those who submit tips through Crime Stoppers that result in the arrest and prosecution of one or more suspects may be eligible for a monetary award.

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