EXCLUSIVE! Alpana Buch discusses viewers’ response to Leela’s tackle Toshu’s infidelity, revealing that she would not need Leela to alter, saying, “If Leela adjustments, Anupamaa has to alter too.”

MUMBAI : Alpana Buch has become a household name for her character Leela Shah in the popular Star Plus drama series Anupamaa.

The actress plays Anupamaa’s ex-mother-in-law and Vanraj’s mother in the show.

Just like Rupali Ganguly, Alpana’s character is extremely central to the show.

We all know that Alpana’s character has many shades, proving that Leela’s character is extremely multifaceted.

With the recent track focusing on Toshu’s infidelity, viewers have once again seen a different side of Leela that not many liked.

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Alpana Buch shed some light and some interesting insights into her character in an exclusive interview with TellyChakkar.

Leela is angry with Toshu, but she wants Kinjal to forgive him. She also blames Anupamaa for ruining Toshu’s marriage. What reactions are you getting from fans on social media?

I didn’t get any harsh reactions as Leela’s character is such that she rolls over several times. She speaks well for Anupamaa, but sometimes not. Leela has a typical mothering mentality that many women in our society have. Leela always wanted the family to stay intact no matter what.

I don’t really read comments on social media. It’s just the character I play. There’s nothing personal about that. I just live the character. I don’t really respond to negative answers.

How challenging was it to portray the scene where Toshu was exposed by Anupamaa in front of everyone?

No not true! We have heard of such a situation many times. It’s very bad. We all thought how can someone cheat on their wife. But I just played the scene as Leela and didn’t think about anything else. I haven’t thought about how Leela will react.

What changes would you like to see in Leela’s character in the future?

I wouldn’t want to see a change in Leela’s character. If she changes, Anupamaa must change too. This is the only combat factor for Anupamaa. I want Leela to stay the same and keep entertaining people.

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