Family Law Attorneys at Getz Collins & Associates are trusted Calgary, AB attorneys for alimony, adoption, divorce, youngster assist and custody agreements

Getz Collins & Associates is a dedicated team of family law attorneys dedicated to providing clients in the Calgary, AB area with cost-effective, efficient and practical legal advice. With nearly 40 years of experience, this law firm focuses on a variety of cases including divorce, child support and more.

Family court cases are some of the most emotionally charged cases in the courtroom, from the excitement of adopting a child to the anger and sadness that accompany the breakup of a marriage. Attempting to tackle these complicated court procedures without the experience and knowledge of an attorney can be a devastating mistake.

When these complex court cases arise, hiring a dedicated law firm like Getz Collins & Associates – Family Law Lawyers can make all the difference.

Two of the areas of law this firm focuses on are divorce and custody contracts. Divorce can be a devastating time for a family, especially when the separation isn’t amicable. There are three types of partnership separations to consider: The first is dissolution of marriage/divorce. Typically, divorce takes six months or more to finalize and results in the severing of all legal ties between two spouses.

The second is legal separation, where each person lives separately and makes separate decisions about money, property, etc. This type of agreement does not legally end a marriage; Therefore, neither spouse can remarry during the legal separation. Finally, there is the annulment, which establishes that the marriage is not legal, thus ending the union.

A breakup can be even more difficult when a child is involved, as both parents naturally want the best possible outcome for their child. Custody cases also bring legal complications that need to be carefully navigated. For example, there are several types of custody and it is sometimes difficult to determine which type of custody is most appropriate in each case.

The four types of custody are as follows: The first is physical custody – the parent with physical custody is the person with whom the child spends the most time. However, legal custody determines which parent makes important legal decisions about where the child attends school, medical care, etc. Sole custody refers to the condition in which the child lives mostly or always with one parent. Joint custody, on the other hand, is the standard custody arrangement in Alberta courts and refers to the parents who share custody of the child.

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Another area this company focuses on is childcare. Child support refers to financial support intended to cover the basic living expenses of the child. This includes food, clothing, health care, shelter and more. Both parents are responsible for the maintenance of the child. If one parent has sole custody of the child, that parent must receive regular child support payments.

Whether custody is shared or split between parents, determining how much money each parent owes can be difficult and stressful. Every family is unique and many factors can affect how much child support is owed, especially if one parent is unemployed. In confusing and trying times like these, the advice of an experienced family law firm can make all the difference.

About the firm:

Getz Collins & Associates is a Calgary, AB based family law firm dedicated to providing legal advice tailored to the unique needs of its clients. With nearly 40 years of experience, this law firm focuses on various cases such as child support, adoption, divorce, child support, child custody settlements and more.

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