Family Vacation’s Ronnie gets full custody of Ariana

In the latest episode of Jersey Shore: Family vacation, viewers learned that Ronnie Ortiz Magro has gained full custody of his daughter Ariana. Ronnie was one of the original housemates on the show. Although Ronnie returned for the spin-off series in 2019, he no longer films along with the rest of the cast. The star stepped back from filming in 2021 following his most recent arrest. He has only appeared on the show twice since then.

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Ortiz Magro was arrested in April 2021 for a domestic violence incident, which ultimately led to his hiatus from the show. At the time, he stated that he was retiring from the show to focus on improving his mental health for himself and his daughter. Ronnie shares his four-year-old daughter with his ex Jen Harley. Jen and Ariana had been spotted on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation before Ronnie’s departure. Many of the couple’s most toxic and violent fights were also featured on the show.


Ronnie now has sole custody of his daughter Ariana

When Ronnie last showed up at Jersey Shore, he explained that even though he had Ariana most of the time, he was still fighting for full custody. But according to Hollywood Life, Ronnie was awarded full custody of his daughter in October 2022. Ronnie admitted he almost lost his daughter due to the hardships he’s been going through in recent years. He said: “Now I have full custody of my daughter. It’s a lot of hard work, but it keeps me balanced. She puts my world at ease.” Though Ronnie hasn’t had the best relationship with Jen in the past, he’s grateful for his daughter, whom he described as “perfect.”

It’s unclear if Ronnie will ever return to Jersey Shore full-time

Ronnie and Nicole from Jersey Shore in the journal room, both wearing sunglasses.

Since retiring from filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, it’s unclear if Ronnie will ever return to the show full-time. In his recent appearance, he admitted he’s in a much better place now than he used to be. Ronnie is preparing to open his own sneaker shop and has also recently moved to Miami. But one major factor could keep him from returning to the show. Ronnie’s ex and original roommate Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola recently announced her return to the show. While it’s unclear how enduring a role Sammi will play on the show, it’s believed that neither star is ready to film alongside the other.

Up with Sammi’s upcoming debut Jersey Shore: Family vacation, it’s highly unlikely that Ronnie will be filming with the rest of the cast any time soon. It is also unclear whether he is still in contact with the other roommates. Luckily, while Ronnie may not return to the show, Ronnie is making major life changes to change things for himself, which ultimately led to him gaining full custody of his daughter.

Credit: Hollywood Life/Alyssa Norwin, Ronnie Ortiz Magro/Instagram

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