Father had kids’s DNA examined after a good friend’s joke and found the girl’s infidelity – life story

After 14 years with his wife, a man took his friend’s joke seriously and had to learn the hard way that he was not his son’s biological father.

The 34-year-old man, who already had doubts about the paternity of one of his children, decided to dispel his doubts and resorted to DNA testing without telling his wife.

The Redditor Imdyinginside- went on the platform to lament its results while sharing its feelings, thoughts and the next line of action.

The Original Poster (OP) had been with his wife for 14 years since they were 20. He said he always thought they had a great relationship, even when it wasn’t perfect.

He said they usually had the occasional quarrel and disagreement, but they always got through it like any couple. Over time, they became parents to three children, two boys and one girl.

The OP said his oldest son, six, was anti-social and didn’t look like the OP or the other children in the OP. He also likes to be a nuisance and break things all the time.

These characteristics led the OP to suspect that the boy might not be his child, but he forcibly banished the thoughts until one of his friends joked about “the milkman”.

He laughed about it at first, but he couldn’t get rid of the feeling for long as they gave him a few sleepless nights. To dispel his doubts, he decided to have his son’s DNA tested.

He felt terrible for not trusting his wife, but the nagging feeling wouldn’t go away. This made him think that if he felt guilty about doing this for a child, he might as well do it for all of his children.

Armed with this thought, he set out to do the DNA test. When the results were ready, he found that the boy he believed wasn’t his child was his.

The shock came when his daughter’s DNA results did not match his. He thinks his wife must have known, but chose not to tell him.

He hurts to know and feels like a complete idiot as he remembers the time before the girl was born. However, he has yet to confront his wife because he knows the outcome of such confrontations.

Given his plight, other users have asked him not to take drastic measures as the results could potentially be wrong. One user, Pejmany, believes that paternity tests are different for boys than they are for girls.

The user further clarified the OP about the x and y chromosomes while asking them to retest. The user further said

“Before doing anything, just do this re-test and have your wife’s DNA tested on your daughter as well (maternity test). She may have been swapped at birth, which means she would not share the DNA with any of you. “

Some have advised him to seek the services of a divorce lawyer and weigh his options if he is considering going that route. Some have even suggested that it could be a chimera with two sets of DNA.

When the OP shared its story, a Quora user, Michael Lemke, also shared a similar story. After divorcing his wife, she told him that her 3-year-old daughter was not his.

When he didn’t take her word for it, she asked for blood tests. Knowing that he did not want to lose access to the child and no one else would question his paternity, he asked the judge not to allow this.

The judge understood, and he raised the girl and his birth son as if she were his son. They currently live with him and his grandchildren.

Another Quora user also shared his story anonymously after discovering that his last son was not his son, but that of one of his closest friends and business associates.

After divorcing his wife and informing his friend of the boy’s existence, he asked the friend to stay away from the boy and eventually raised the boy to be his.

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