Fed up with his antics, Shakira is reportedly violating the custody deal with Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique has arrived in Miami to reunite with his children Sasha and Milan. However, the player faces problems soon after arriving in America. Reports suggest that Shakira has been giving her ex-partner Gerard Pique a little hard time.

Almost a year after the split from the soccer star, the singer moved to Miami with her children Sasha and Milan. This was an attempt by the Colombian to step down from the spotlight to protect her children. However, she could not avoid her ex-partner. According to the agreements, Pique is allowed to meet with his sons in Miami 10 days a month.

Arrival of Gerard Pique in Miami (Source: Twitter, Diez Minuto)

However, it has been reported that the singer does not allow the former Barcelona Star to spend 10 days with his boys. In the Mamarazzi Podcast, Lorena Vazquez shared: “Gerard Pique will finally not be able to spend those 10 days as per the agreement with his children because Shakira has made it difficult enough for him.”

The reason that the player was already with his children until April 2 of this month. This means that the ex-Barcelona player had already spent 2 days of his allotted time with his kids. The singer has made it his mission that the player cannot stay with his children for ten days at a time.

Gerard Pique is trolled for his style after landing in Miami

Pique was trolled for his performance after he landed in Miami. Many fans were surprised by the choice of the player’s appearance. Pique gained a bit of weight. Moreover, many fans even joked that the player was a homeless man who came to Miami to meet up with his kids.

WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? 😭 #gerardpique pic.twitter.com/IXly1Tlr7P

— ALE RUIZ DIAZ (@aleruizdiaz_) April 29, 2023

Translation: “WHAT HAPPENED? #gerardpique”

Pique was previously spotted on vacation with his current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti in Dubai. However, the player came alone to meet with his children. It was reported that the Colombian was the one who put down a condition that Clara cannot accompany Pique while he meets his children.

It has been reported that even the children have asked their father not to bring his current girlfriend with him on his visits to Miami. However, it is not confirmed that the singer has put any conditions as such. But when you see Pique traveling solo to Miami, there must be some truth to it.

Gerard Pique with his children (left) Gerard Pique and Shakira with their children (right) (Credits - Hola, Instagram)Gerard Pique with his children (left) Gerard Pique and Shakira with their children (right) (Credits – Hola, Instagram)

A few days before the singer moved to Miami, an agreement was reached between the ex-lovers regarding their children. According to the agreement, the boys spend their big breaks, namely Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, with their father. And for the rest of the year he can visit her in Miami for 10 days a month.

However, this time the footballer has to wait a month to spend a full 10 days with his sons Sasha and Milan. Since Shakira doesn’t approve of Pique spending 10 days with his kids this month.

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